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At Renault-Nissan Consulting we work hard at our client's problems with extreme empathy, adapting to each project with the best set of tools to solve their problems in the most agile way and making that solution sustainable when we're gone.

Executive Committee of Renault-Nissan Consulting Spain

  • Carlos Fraile CARLOS FRAILE Managing Director
  • Mari Luz Cascos Director of Strategy and Finance
  • Claire martin Jose Antonio Martín Business Director
  • Bonifacio Castaño Commercial Excellence Director
  • Charles Forget Ricardo garcía Director of Operational Excellence
  • Vincent Laboucheix Mónica fernández Director HR, Internal communication and RSC

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Are you looking for a Lean training?

Our school, which represents an industrial environment of more than 300 m2, is characterized by a unique learning environment for teaching Lean method.

The student will find the technical and pedagogical means necessary to guarantee the best learning: manual labour positions, tools, semiautomatic machine simulators, means of maintenance, means of transport, means of storage and packaging, IT applications, data collection, training rooms…

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¿Are you looking for a training?

Thanks to our different intervention programmes, together we can build a project that allows you to achieve success, combining strategic vision, transversal organization, involvement of the management staff and continuous search for improvements in production, quality of services and processes efficiency.

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